What is Microsoft Azure Stack Cloud in your Datacenter ?

Before we begin with the Microsoft Azure Stack journey for Education to learn Azure Technologies in the Classroom on a DellEMC Power Edge R630 Server , It’s good to have some background information from Microsoft for those Teachers and  Students who don’t know what Azure Stack is.

Microsoft Azure Stack is a new hybrid cloud platform product that enables your organization to deliver Azure services from your own datacenter to help you achieve more. Get the power of cloud services, yet maintain control of your datacenter for true hybrid cloud agility. You decide where to keep your data and applications—in your own datacenter or with a hosting service provider. Easily access public cloud resources to scale at busy times of the year, for dev-test, or whenever you need them. Only Microsoft builds and runs its own hyper-scale datacenters and delivers that proven innovation to your datacenter.

Azure Stack brings the power of Azure, to your datacenter, transforming your datacenter resources into cloud services for maximum agility, all under the control of IT. For developers, Azure Stack provides a unified app development experience, consistent with Microsoft Azure.

On this channel, you’ll learn all about Azure Stack, from both the administration experience, through to the consumption, and much more!

From here you go to the Microsoft Channel 9 Azure Stack video site

From here you find the Microsoft Technical Documentation on Azure Stack

From here you go to the Microsoft Azure Stack website


Our Journey to #Microsoft Azure Stack with #Dell Power Edge R630

Hello everyone,
In 2015 we started in education with Microsoft Hyper-V Clustering with Cluster Shared Volumes for the Virtual machines and ICT Students could do LAB practices together with the Teacher. Later that year we started with Microsoft Dreamspark Azure Subscription for Developer students. But that’s not enough, IT Pro students like to make Clouds, and make there own Virtual Virtual Machines with Software defined Networking (SDN) for LAB Practices to learn for Certifications. Microsoft had an awesome Azure program for Academic last year and every student had his own Azure subscription for 6 months with $150,- a month and for the Teacher 12 months with $250,- a month to learn Azure Technologies. With this Azure Program we did a Great Microsoft Azure Workshop at Microsoft Netherlands with our IT Students and it was a big success 🙂 Unfortunately this Microsoft Academic Azure Program has ended for education and we need continuity in Azure Technology for our teachers and students. Now in 2017 Dell Netherlands helped us out with supporting a Microsoft Azure Stack Dell Power Edge R630 Appliance for in the Classroom to learn and play with Azure Technologies.

Azure Workshop at Microsoft Netherlands was Great 😉

Today we are very happy with the Brand New Dell Power Edge R630 supported by Dell Netherlands for Education ROC van Amsterdam to teach students Azure Cloud Technologies.
On this blog site we will post our journey with Microsoft Azure Stack on a Dell Power Edge R630 delivered by Dell Netherlands together with the Students.
Here you see the first pictures 😉


Proud on our Microsoft Azure Stack Dell Power Edge R630 Beast 😉

Dell Azure Stack 1

Wow look at that hardware Technology of Dell !

AzureStack specs

Dell Azure Stack 2

Dell Azure Stack 3

Dell Azure Stack 3b

Dell Azure Stack 4

From here our Azure Stack Journey will start for Education and our Students !
Let’s ROCK !